Posted on Nov 27, 2019

Health Energy Guru

What Is Huel?
The meal replacement product Huel has acknowledged early in its debut that it is a competitor with Soylent and advertizes to the same demographic. The main difference between the two products is that Huel is based in the UK, and it only offers powder, flavor boosts, and their new ready-to-go drink.

Huel is short for “human fuel” and is designed to fulfill all of your macronutrients and vitamin minerals needs throughout hectic days. Much like Soylent people use Huel for when they need a quick healthy alternative for the busier days of life. Huel can also be used as a healthy alternative for when people are tempted to get fast food or prepare freezer foods.

Soylent used to be one of the main meal replacement products that provided ready-to-go drinks, but now that Huel has provided their very own version, they are more comparable. Soylent is a popular meal replacement product that has been advertised as a way to avoid the time and energy that goes into making and eating healthy foods. The co-founders of Soylent came up with the idea when struggling with the reality that they just didn’t have time to make nutritious foods kept eating quick unhealthy alternatives instead. They wanted something that would take minimal effort to prepare and consume, but also provides us with all the nutrients we may need.

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